Ripping Off Young Twinks

He’s Fucked Now

We just got a new guy, and what a piece of work he is. He’s basically the type of guy who plays video games all of the time, and before you know it he starts screwing around on the dark web. Well, selling lemonade ain’t illegal, but other items, particularly through the mail, are things you just don’t want to mess with if you want to keep your record clean. Unfortunately for him, he got off lightly: just a few months mandatory rehab with us. If it were me, I’d lock all the losers like him up and throw away the key. No one has put me in charge of the correctional system yet, however, so we just got another young man revolving through the door. It’s unclear to me how much of his own stuff he has used to date, but before long he’ll just be another casualty of the war.

So, given his goody-two-shoes attitude, I decided to take a hard line with him. He started smiling while I was going through the House rules, and whaddya know, next thing he wasn’t smiling. Why not? Because he had my cock in his mouth. I could tell this guy hadn’t been near a dick in any kind of oral capacity before, because his teeth were something else, but after a good long training session, he was just focusing on the head and it was starting to feel good.

When I had him throw his legs into the air so that I could get a peek at his hole, I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a beautiful, untouched, pink boy cunt, and I couldn’t wait to break it in and wear it out. As I lubed up and slid inside, he just had a dead inside look on his face. I tend to prefer the guys who grimace, but that look works, too. It’s about the same look a wife of 20 years might have when her husband comes home and wants a piece when she isn’t in the mood. Despite the non-excitement in the facial expression area, he was actually such a good fuck I tried to get my cock inside him in every different position. I barebacked him in missionary, doggie, riding and reverse riding, then I took him from behind and bred his little gamer hole. It wasn’t a bad intake session, if I must say so myself. He might have had a nice introverted life before, but he’s definitely fucked now.

Elder Dean Ch 2: The Anointing

Strapping Elder Dean melts whenever the muscular President Lee looks his way, so he can barely contain himself as the older man licks his asshole and slips his meaty dick into his tight butt raw. Then, he moans as the chiseled priest fills him up with cum!

Elder Dean Ch 1: THE INTERVIEW

The Groom’s Little Brother

This week, handsome hunk Harlen Quindel gets nasty with his older stepbrother, Dakota Payne, just before he gets married to his longtime sweetheart. The older guy gives his little buddy a worshipping rimjob before penetrating his tight asshole bareback and filling him up with cum!


You never going to believe this BUT that fit Scally Essesx boy who built the camper van has actually MOVED IN-LOL 💯 % real!
This video was not planned (although Josh was desperate for mike massive cock so wanted me to ‘Film’ the moving on the fridges
(which basically means pretend to film us fucking so He can get laid)
but I actually filmed it for real – I’ve left all the beginning of this vid in tack cos then you will see how it all came about
⚠WARNING CONTAINS Proper cheeky British 🇬🇧 building site banter⚠
This is one of them trashy vids I wasn’t going to show but my mates can’t stop wanking to it they said it’s A FUCKING HOT CLIP and is actually Joshs favourite and now go to masturbate vid
26yr sexy builder bloke Mike makes my pal take his BIG prick all in one go- over the cooker 🍽
Then spits on his dick and push’s it up that rude boy bum hole- his got a massive real 8inch uncut cock and loves Barebacking,
He shags josh rotten- look at Joshs face he can’t get enough raw cock and his arse is left so wet – his proper being fed Hung Raw Dick
We have to prop Josh up n over the breakfast 🍳 counter cos he was slightly tipsy 🥴
That fucking little chav arse is getting bread
Filming it, I get so fucking horny
BUT as per usual this vid is very UnPorn, Unplanned and we get so wasted I wasn’t gonna show it- We are Pissed as fuck -whilst ripping out kitchen-sorry in advance for our conversations – this is just how we are normally – we take the piss out of each other all the time
Mike is the Heavyset cummer EVER the spunk in the trailer is just half‼BTW cheek out the pics from this clip and u can see the cum being shot outta this boys cock & you will see just how many time he can pump it ⁉ & you will see what I mean😈 It’s a fucking waterfall of cum 🌊 over n up Joshs arse – you gotta 👀 it man
You can hear Josh actually begging to be cummed up-
“SPUNK IT IN ME, SPUNK IT UP ME PLEASEEEE” it’s horny as fuck guys!
When he saids that, Mike spunks his 8inch hung dick
I LOVE WATCHING Joshy get used n fucking dumped up-
I’m so horny I rim his spunky hole out after…. (Told u I was out of it) had to stop myself barebacking my little brother there n then – it’s so fucking horny
⚠Warning contains extreme Laddish very natural building banner throughout – electricians unfairly get it in this vid as Mike is one lol
⚡ No electricians were harmed in the making of this vid (apart from there feelings) we apologise in advance for this xx
After this video – Dirty chav fuckka essex lad has moved in!!! No lie – his quit his job and lives in the old office that was never used
(I promise I didn’t put him up to this btw, I actually tried to talk him out of it)
His going to help us🅱🅱 fuck n film all the london lads 4 you!
^^^Full long extended version ^^^ Nothing is cut out- see how we really get these lads pants off – this film is very long at 40 mins but like I said we left it super long cos wanted u to get the setting and see how we roll with these lads that cum here
We were VERY smashed towards the end of this BUT we are still doing up the house -DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DIY AFTER 🥤 – turns out it’s a bad idea 💡
LOL we don’t have a kitchen now 🤦‍♂️

Anal Time With Daddy

I’ve been fucking Mikey Allens a lot lately, and to tell you the truth, I never tire of it. His ass is pure gold, and his attitude is even better. What a sex kitten! Chris Colt, on the other hand, I haven’t had the opportunity to see often. I was pretty hyped to know that Mikey and Chris would be in town at the same time, so I asked both of them to come over for some threeway fun. In the meanwhile, I thought about all the ways we could have a banging time. I wasn’t surprised that Mikey was into the idea of an anal sandwich. After all, he is a kinky mother fucker, and since he can fuck just as well as get fucked, he is the perfect candidate.

Both of these young studs are passionate, and when we all began making out and sucking dick, the energy just grew and grew. I have to admit that even though I love Mikey’s hole, I at first focused my attention on Chris. I’d never eaten his ass out before and I wanted to taste his pussy while I had the chance. Man, is it delicious! I tongued on Chris’s asshole while he was continuing to suck Mikey off, and then I lubed up my cock and slid it inside. Chris is a hot guy to fuck, and he is just the right amount of tightness to have all of the pleasure and none of the impatience. Mikey was revved up watching me fuck Chris, and getting his cock sucked, so I in turn gave Mikey a crack at Chris’s fine hole.

Since I obviously wanted to fuck both of them, I gave Chris a break from the spit roasting and got behind Mikey, rubbing my dick on his butt. You can tell in the video that he wants it deep inside him, and before long, it was. I fucked Mikey while Mikey sucked off Chris, and then Chris offered up his already lubed up hole to Mikey while I was still fucking him. We continued in a sandwich with Mikey in the middle, and had a great fuck right up until Mike nutted inside Chris. While Mikey was thrusting into Chris, the feeling of his sphincter on my dick is almost indescribable. If you’ve never fucked a dude who is fucking a dude, try it. As the caboose on the train, you feel every thrust as a smooth, pulsating squeeze all around your cock. It’s amazing.

Well, with Chris freshly bred, he pulled out and we helped him cum. When he did, Mikey – who was still getting fucked – slurped up almost all of Chris’s jizz. Then I pulled out and dumped my own load in his mouth. With Mikey’s mouth layered with the film of both Chris’s and my jizz, he and Chris snowballed to make a perfect ending to an incredible bareback fuck!

Seducing and Fucking Young Twinks

Joseph and Ryker

19-year-old Joseph is in for a treat. He’s paired with furry surfer Ryker who’s willing to do just about anything, including rimming Joseph until he cums and slipping in a toy that makes Joseph power-shoot a second load. Joseph and Ryker both go commando, so it’s easy for them to get at their dicks. They take turns jacking and blowing each other, then suddenly start making out. Seems like Ryker is the one taking the lead. I help get Joseph in position so Ryker can lick his ass and tongue-fuck his hole. Then I put them in a sort of 69, with Joseph sucking Ryker’s dick while Ryker keeps eating ass. I can tell Joseph is close, and I want him to cum on Ryker. Joseph shoots a big load all over Ryker’s furry belly, and since he stays hard, they keep beating off side by side. Ryker busts his nut and Joseph surprises him by licking it up. And someone is ready for some ass play. Ryker tries sticking a dildo in Joseph’s ass, but I can tell he’d be better off doing it himself. I have Ryker stroke Joseph’s cock while he works the big toy up his butt. Joseph fires his second load clear across the room.

Dirty Scout 211

This young cutie was a huge sports fan. He played football and hockey and even dabbled in martial arts. I saw potential in the man and offered him a position at a company selling sports merchandise. The guy was all over the job. Who wouldn’t like a big salary and a company car, right? All that time I was simply hypnotized by his beautiful eyes. I just couldn’t help it. The guy was so adorable and only 20 years old. I wanted to gently introduce him into my world. I wanted to play with his cock, suck it even… I had to have the guy and I went for it. He was nervous, no man had ever touched him like I did. Using my dick pump didn’t help much so I calmed him down with my mouth and throat. Now I just had to carefully penetrate his tight virgin ass. I was so afraid he might run away…

Don’t Be Nervous

Luke Roman is a small-town guy from North Carolina who’s a bit nervous about his first pro porn scene, but Johnny relaxes him with a blowjob that gets his cock nice and hard! Luke may never have done a real porno before, but he’s great at sucking cock and then takes a deep doggystyle fuck like a pro before hopping upside-down so Johnny can pound that hole in piledriver. This newbie sucks out Johnny’s cum before jacking it till he jizzes all over himself. Maybe he’ll bring his boyfriend along next time!

Memories of a loving Father Ch 2: Good Form

Little Julian is back, and this week he’s getting some pointers on working out from his beefy stepdad, Matthew. His old man fondles the boy’s stiff boner and slides his cock inside his tight hole for an aggressive bareback workout session!

Memories of a Loving Father Ch 1: The Childhood Memory Book

YOUNGPERPS: Case#1911075-25

This week, tatted twunk Dakota Payne makes an appearance as a church-going cutie who sets up an illegal kissing-booth on store property. Loss Prevention Officer Devin Trez makes the goody-two-shoes kiss his thick black cock and spread his cheeks for some hard anal discipline!

Seducing Straight Bros

Braxton’s Tickle Torture

21-year-old Braxton stops by after work to try something new…being tied up and tickled! He strips down to his tight white briefs and shiny black shoes, and Franco straps him to the tickling board and starts exploring. Clearly, Braxton is a little ticklish, but it’s not long before Franco has him producing maniacal laughter. He tickles Braxton on his defined abs and in his armpits, causing him to squeal and every muscle in his pretty, toned body to tense. Braxton’s laughter gets louder and louder, and he’s just about to cry when Franco has pity on him and gives him a second to recover. He repositions Braxton’s arms to relieve the shoulder stress, then resumes the tickle on his abs and inner thighs. He removes one of Braxton’s shoes and socks and nibbles on his size 9 1⁄2 foot. Franco tickle tortures Braxton’s bare foot with his rough fingers and a brush until it’s glowing pink. Then it’s a quick tickle on the upper ribs before switching to Braxton’s other foot and making him scream! Finally Braxton catches a break, as Franco pulls down his underwear and sucks his big 8-inch dick. With a finger in his butt, Braxton’s eyes roll back and he spurts his load. He tries to escape, but Franco keeps him in place, torturing his sensitive cock to the end.


The hottest guys ever, this slightly older and truly handsome
Twink lover💕 with hung uncut pre cum leaking cock forces it in young price William look-a-like – he push’s his think long fore-skin cock 🅱🅱 in that warm twinks arse- it’s REALLY erotic!
You can just tell how much this guy loves his younger 20’s lads
He fucks so fast💨 like a 🐇 leaking all that pre cum up him
The top guy is a right sleazy fucker, listen to this:
📣 After wanking n shooting his think white cum💦 out he jumps up and push’s his overflowing cock up the twins arse and starts fucking him again
‘Cum is pushed in and makes a pool outside his hot hole’
He the finger 👉 fucks that cum HARD in the Brit Chav to make him spunk
This strikingly handsome guy actually is only the into the hottest
young studs and is ONLY A 🔝
If u like getting dicked then u know how important a total top can be ❗
the boy is proper given it
I try to keep quite and not get involved
BUT FUCK ME IS IT HARD! (Both being quite and to not jumping in) 😝
🙀This beautiful early 20’s bottom boy is just out of this world good looking and in his own words “He 🧡 getting LOADED up”
These two are such a hot match!


This week, fan-favorite Bar Addison gets into some sizzling action with his older stepbrother, Wolfie. After the little guy discovers he’s been stood up on a date, his big buddy makes him feel better with a sweet, intimate fuck. Then, Bar takes a turn boning his older stepbrother’s tight hole!

Czech Hunter 479

I met this awesome bitch while hunting near the city center. He went for a little walk after work at a construction site. For a builder, he was nicely dressed and looked ripped underneath his clothes. I wasn’t disappointed. The guy used to work-out and the results were still visible. Too bad the place was kind of busy, I had a look at his ass, but we couldn’t do more. Thank god he took me to his place. The guy was after money and was willing to do a lot. He gave me a nice newbie blowjob and then let me fuck his ass. I rammed him pretty hard, but he took it like a proper whore. It had to be a very intense experience because he couldn’t control his excitement and cummed all over me. I struck gold with this cutie! Now it was my turn to show him how a proper cum-face looks like. Well, not sure whether he liked it…

Bi Stepbrothers 5

Charlie Red, Max Born, Rebecca Volpetti, Nick Vargas, Victoria Pure, Kevin Jade, Thomas Friedl, Mina K, David, Adam Valler, Rick Palmer, Rick Johns

Dominating Younger Slaves


Joshy tops!!

Josh wanted to nick this boy off me as soon as he 👀 him in brighton
We invited him to ours after meeting him in that converted van thing, but u can tell josh is beside himself around him🤩 , watching my little brother get so fucking horny over a lad makes me so horny

Before he came up me n josh both toss off at least 10 times thinking of this stunner and we make 1 massive cum-stick – cum-sicle 🍭
(vids 🖇 attached to front of main vid for you😈)
after freezing it (that old trick again) we tell this stg8 acting proper fit English chav we are going to fuck it up his arse

Josh is discovering is perverted naught condom-less 😋 breeding side and it’s fucking fun 🎬 it all live for u guys
Oh my god ! Josh REALLY wanted this lad-
i’ve never seen him like this, he was proper obsessed and crazy,
All he wanted to do is shoot his cum up his arse
Josh gets off on dressing people up – he’s like, mad about uniforms, fireman police, dirty chavs etc
🗣You wanna see cocky, confident josh!,, OMG he’s like a different person!
Josh proper 🔝 this little horny fucker –
I know for a fact this guy is 100 billion times percent Joshs type and it shows
I’ve never seen Josh fully hard and be up 4 it with anyone like this
Josh is massively overwhelmed- just beside him self, he can’t wait
To get his hands on this lad
🔍Do you recognise this boy from brighton van vid?
He was the boy you met in the campervan, he looks like the main singer from years and years that olly Alexandra “I know I say that about everyone but he does!
💔I’ll be honest, this is the side of josh I don’t know what there,

After just pulling this little cute stunners joggers down, josh pokers his sensitive bell end in this chav – FUCK I LOVE THE LOOK ON HIS FACE
The brighton boy camper lad is in dick Heven 😇

After sticking it RAW in him the boys feet are over josh’s shoulders, little josh gives him dick all the time telling him to expect a wet arsehole
⚠The boys fucking love it! Look at the smile on his face
I swear I’ve never seen josh confident or so manly – this porn stuff is bringing out the best in him, he said he actually feels more confident now too
Baby, I gotta tell ya now, josh is one of them rare people who don’t have a bad bone in there body – BUT fuck mate, never seen him take out his aggression on a lads smooth hole like this before ❗ ❗ ❗
✔Joshy actually cums wiest fucking him YES YES YES✔
Tried to get this on cam so many times and fucking failed and now we finally got it!
💥GET THIS VIDEO now guys- you won’t be disappointed;)
You can 👁 Joshs cum being shot actually as his barebacking this 19yr stud and u see it going up in running down the sides of his arse cheeks and over his balls !!!!
🅱🅱, 🅱🅱, 🅱🅱 that’s what this vid is
Josh don’t take long to blow it and there’s no editing or nothing, it’s all natural I swear on my life I’ve wanked off to this footage 🎞 like a hundred times already
-take a look- josh doesn’t pull out or wank to get close or nothing
I 💖 this twink his proper begging 4 it but is so straight acting it’s hard to see his gay at all or on the gay scene ( no that that matters)
btw I like st8 acting lads don’t get me wrong but more camper boys also really do it for me – it really doesn’t matter to me as long as ya into it RAW
but josh is massively into chav st8 lads so this boy is perfect for him
💥WOW 💥 the reflection in his mirror is mid blowing, naughty twisted cum dump chavs at it!
We are so going to film more with him off loading in lads holes.
Joshs Naked dick slides into and push’s right up the little stunner! best I’ve ever seen) serious this lad has a PERFECT 👌 arse-
I fucking had to ID him cos he looks very much like josh, like young- don’t worry he is over 18 everyone has to have ID btw
Ripping each other clothes off / if ya a fan of Joshs then don’t miss this please….
you would never forget seeing this!
🔱When josh spunk’s it’s REAL – when there chatting each other up, ITS REAL – like all of this is real there no acting,
As soon as he saw this particular guy there was no talking him outta it,
He really like young chavs – it’s also cos josh is quite big on twitter now and wants to do porn for Lego (I’m really not kidding)
If you fantasise about Josh, then just offer a Lego set, that’s the way to get him LOL
josh has built his room perfect with the mirrors on the wall ONLY for you so you can see his bare dick getting up inside each boys ass

Guys do u remember when josh was re-decorticating 🎨 his room with Jordan so he can do the sign wall thing, well – The Chav boy is the fist to ✍the wall with his arse still dripping ❗

Two P’s in a Pod: BELLY ACHE

This week, little Lukas wakes up with a tummy ache and can barely get out of bed to make it in time for school. To make the kid feel better, his caring stepbrother thinks up the best home remedy: a wet, slobbery blowjob. Mason chokes and gags on Lukas’ dick as he deepthroats his younger bro. Then he shoves his girthy cock in his buddy’s tight hole and plows his bubble butt until he shoots a giant load!

First Meet Up: Bareback

It’s porn newbie Bobby Bates’s first meeting with hot twink Zander Lane, and he’s excited. After telling his coming-out story, describing the kind of guys he’s into, and explaining how he got into porn, Bobby’s ready to get right down to business, starting with going down on Zander. Zander sucks Bobby’s cock, then hops on top to ride him reverse before getting on all fours for some hot doggystyle. These guys are definitely getting along by the time they both cum hard!

Bare Buddies Sc. 4 – Jake Hurley, Lucas Maskall

These two have got something going, as Jake’s bulge moves whilst talking to Lucas! Lucas is far from dim, and as soon as they start kissing his hand is on Jake’s bulge, rubbing and soon stroking his perfect penis. With a few sucks these boys are soon in a 69 position and very much so, showing the excitement! Jake however want’s to take things even further and rims Lucas’ hole to prepare him for the excitement fueled fuck that’s to come!

4 Bareback Tops For His Butt

Drake Law, Jesse Magowan, Kamyk Walker & Simeon Fletcher

Drake is insatiable, it’s a good thing too considering the amount of cock these boys are ready to give him!

Cute Alex At His Mercy Part 2

Alex Faux & Leo Ocean

Alex is still desperate for that dick, and boy does he get every raw inch of it!

Horny Hot Bros Gay Experiences

Czech Hunter 474

Prague is not a very bike friendly city, which is a shame. On the other hand, some bikers can behave like inconsiderate jerks. I met one like that during a walk alongside the river. I scold the guy, but he didn’t care too much about it. He was only 19 years old and very cute, so I tried my moves on him. He agreed to undress, probably because he had no reason to be shy. The guy was nicely lean and had a huge cock that got hard really quickly. The young man gave me a nice blowjob, but I was so horny that I didn’t want to waste time. I wanted to drill that gorgeous ass right now! Lying on rocks and grass wasn’t exactly comfy but I didn’t care much. I focused only on totally destroying that sweet teenage ass. I don’t know if the guy liked our time together but he cummed nicely, so I think he did.

Dirty Scout 208

A very relaxed and chilled-out young guy came to my office looking for a modeling job. Well, that was the best thing he was able to come up with. I doubt he thought this interview through very carefully… Eventually, he chose an IT job because he had some previous experience in coding. The work was pretty sweet, so the guy was really bumped about the mediation fee he had to pay first. 5 000 was a lot for the boy as he spent all his savings on traveling abroad. He didn’t mind undressing, so we made a deal. What could possibly go wrong for him? Initially he kind of hated my idea of fun, especially when I stretched his ass wider than it had ever been before. He moaned quite a lot and complained about the size of my cock but what was I supposed to do? I paid for entertainment and I was going to get it.

Memories of a Loving Father Ch 1: The Childhood Memory Book

Get ready to meet the newest step father-son duo on Family Dick this week, as adorable little Julian and his beefy stepdad, Matthew, take a trip down memory lane together. The loving pair rummage the pages of an old scrapbook that makes them both nostalgic and horny. Before you know it, the cute twink is slobbering on his old man’s veiny cock and spreading his ass for a raw and rough pounding!

A BrotherCrush Halloween BY THE CAMPFIRE

This year’s Brother Crush Halloween special is definitely one to write home about! Featuring the hottest new sibling pairing, Ashton Garner and Anderson Mason play a pair of young step brothers who spend the holiday camping out in the woods. When Ashton starts to hear ominous sounds coming from the darkness, Anderson decides that it is the perfect opportunity to scare his little buddy! After pranking the cute twink with a creepy mask, Anderson makes it up to the terrified kid by drilling his hole raw!

All In The Family Scene 3

Who could resist the sultry good looks of Arad? Well certainly not Zak! Sleek shiny muscles and rock hard cock pull Zak right in. After some intense cock worship and asshole slurping, Arad fucks Zak to an explosive cum shower.

Horny Twinks in Action

Trey at the Gloryhole

Trey heard about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole from a buddy of his. He just wants to get his rocks off, and does he ever! When I see Trey’s bulge through the hole, I can’t help grabbing it. He’s a little surprised but smiles and takes his dick out. I turn that smile into shock by sucking and jacking his tool until he busts his nut in my mouth and lick his sensitive cock clean.

Jesse Tickled

21-year-old Jesse may play it tough, but a good tickling will bring out the vulnerable twink in him. After getting to know Jesse a little bit better, Franco brings out the feathers to lightly test his ticklish spots. Then he uses his strong fingers to tickle Jesse deeply in his ribs and inner thighs. Jesse’s laughter is a mix of giggles, honks and muffled cries as he tries to keep himself together. He moans softly when his size 7.5 feet are tickled, but that won’t satisfy Franco. He returns to Jesse’s upper body, first tickling his ribs, then sitting behind Jesse so he can dig his thumbs into Jesse’s armpits. When Franco finds a hotspot in Jesse’s abdomen, he tickles into it relentlessly. It’s the first time Jesse has been able to utter a word, and that word is “no!” As Franco tickles Jesse’s sides, his leg flutters out like a puppy getting a belly rub. And that’s where Franco keeps tickling until the end.

Return Of Gramps Ch 3: UNDER THE TABLE

Bar Addison returns to the cabin for Family Dick’s second iconic four-way. Only this time, it’s multi-generational. After his sexy, muscular step grandpa cooks up a hearty breakfast for the whole family, little Bar wants to show his appreciation by stroking his thick cock. The sneaky, under-the-table fun turns into a bareback orgy between the two siblings, their old man, and his old man. Marcus and Bar get their tight holes jackhammered and filled with cum to make sure they’re stuffed after their balanced meal!

The Return of Gramps Ch 1: FAMILY NUDISTS


Night before pride….Cruising down ‘The Bush’s’at brighton pride (Kylie Minogue year)
Met two fucking amazingly Stunning lads down there – we drive them to the cruising area which they had not heard of
A 26yr Essesx Sex mad stunning Nutter Whos also a builder and electrician
And completely bareback mad😡
And a just turned 19yr REALLY FUCKING HOT absolutely truly handsome lad-
He was in the van when they pulled up as we got in,
I filmed it on my iPhone for you
We tried filming in the actual cruising area quite a few times but it was WAY too bait at the moment – instead we party 🎉 in the van
The 19yrs cock hungry Brit boy sucks off 5 guys (no word of a lie)
right there n then! – Real guys, real location real sex!
No story lines no bullshit
You gotta come out with us one time
After sucking off most of brighton we go back to the van – it’s well out-of-control this this really sweet guy cums with us aka ‘The Random Wanker’ gets his fat juicy cock out too
At one point there was 7 of us and n this van
Mike, 26yr essesx lad gets the 19yrs dicks out n sucks it massive- it grows well big- (like over 8.5inchs and a lovely shape)
💯% real natural conversations- no planning – I’ve had to edit some things out as there may be not suitable (oh such up) for our site.LOL
That young lads so bloody beautiful everyone in the van wants to suck on that big Willie of this – OMG his so down to earth & so sexual he lets everyone suck him off AND his well keen to Fuck RAW too with no attitude even guys who u think might not necessary be the best looking- such a adorable lad
It gets so fucking HORNY. That bottom guy just lays there as we take turns on him. The 19yrs fucking him bareback and without making a big deal about it, shoots his spunk in his arse- I film his wet dick being pulled out of his arse ALL REAL AS FUCK!
Warning⚠ this is a long video (over 40 mins) – all shot in real time and is much more HOMEMADE then our other vids so the lighting isn’t always the best, the angles arnt always the best and the conversations are a bit all over the place BUT if ya into your ruff n ready gritty vids then you will 😍 IT.
It is actually a real gen homemade sex party tape
it’s shockingly REAL !!!
That bottom guy just lays there as we take turns on him whilst partying
The 19yrs fucking him bareback and without making a big a deal about shoots his spunk right in his arse- I film his wet dick pulling out ALL ON FILM🎞


Greyson Lane may be shy, but he’s not stupid, so when Scott comes barking up his tree, he takes notice and catches Scott Finn off guard with his frank and forward talk. He tells Scott he’s been thinking about getting fucked, and Scott immediately reconsiders his impression of Greyson as a soft-spoken, quiet little deer. Instead, he realizes Greyson is one of those silent but serious types who aren’t here to fuck around unless we’re talking about actually fucking around. Luckily, that’s Scott’s forte, so he needs no other prompts to lead Greyson back to the bedroom and have his way with this tanned and toned body in front of him. He fucks Greyson all over the bed every way he desires, and Greyson enjoys every moment of it, begging Scott for more and more. By the time the two of them have shot their loads, Scott realizes it’s always the quiet ones who turn out to be the best in bed.Enjoy!

Using and Abusing Younger Guys

London Calling

Falcon Studios

Can you hear “London Calling?” Pack your bags and jet off across the pond with eight hung hunks in Falcon Studios’ scorching overseas sex fest. Award-winning director, Tony Dimarco, tells the tale of hot and horny studs letting loose in London and having hot, uninhibited fun across international borders. British native, Josh Moore, gets pinged on an app by Adro Mass who makes his way to Josh’s flat for some fun. Adro hops on to ride Josh’s hard, uncut dick until Adro’s body and face are covered in cum. While roaming the busy streets of London, Colton Reece locks eyes with Austin Sugar, and the pair rush back to the flat so Colton can ream Austin’s hole. Lost tourist, Devin Franco, turns to Priest Jonathan Miranda for some help with directions and ends up getting his ass stretched in the church before plowing the priest in an amazing flip fuck. Colton Reece links up with Gabriel Cross and ushers him back to his flat to give his British friend a hefty serving of his thick, American cock. Beats are bumping in the hottest club in London when Josh Moore and Devin Franco sneak off for some fun only to be caught by Jeffrey Lloyd resulting in a scorching three way in the club. Next time you hear “London Calling,” join these ripped and sexy hunks to satisfy your cravings for thick, international cock.

Using Sweet Little Twink Avery – Part 2

Avery Monroe & Sean Taylor

After getting his hole stretched Avery is about to endure something even more painful.


Cute new boys!

Handsome n Hot slightly older chap 28yr n very fit with BIG rocket 🚀 shaped heavy think dick cums to use our costal cum dump boy
After taking the 📸 off me 2 film himself shoot BIG TIME into this sexy lad
He then stays true to his word – carry’s on fucking him!
I love it when someone spunk’s but just carry’s on…so dirty
Being there was so horny, he just keeps fucking him!
N resting
No editing,
No nonscense
Just lots of dick feeding
As soon as I saw him cum I couldn’t help but wack my nob out and get my own spunk in there too –
I toss it off right there n then and cum over my own fingers 👉 as I’m reaching for that spunky bum- then as I’m whipping it over the tops dick which is still in the bottom boys butt the older top lad starts moving around inside his arse and just carry’s on fucking him
We both were chatting before in the 🛁 bathroom about how he was going to cum twice and he dose – ya actually said
🗯 “If that lad turns up looking as hot as pics then
I’m going to cum in the first 5 mins n keep fuckin him” AND HE DOSE
With mine and his cum ALREADY deep in bottom boys hole he really fucking gives it to him
The older fit top boy shoots his 2nd load right now n the back of his arse
🚫 NO PULLING OUT 🚫- it’s so hot man – you can actually 👀 his dick swell up and all the pumps off cum being shot via the tube that runs down the back of the dick 🍆
Fancy-a-go? On any of us we’ll Get in touch – don’t be a stranger

Patrick Kennedy Smoke & Stroke

Smooth and gorgeous smokin twink Patrick Kennedy works his way through half a pack while he works on his long cock!

Using Sweet Little Twink Avery – Part 1

Avery Monroe & Sean Taylor

Avery is an appropriately obedient boy when he has a big dom like Sean to enjoy.

Bending Young Twinks

No Walk In The Park

Every blue moon, we receive a newly minted adult into our House from a facility for the younger delinquents. It’s a mixed bag with these guys: sometimes they are already hardened to the ways of institutionalization, and sometimes they are like a young buck in a fresh green meadow. Usually they are covered in jailhouse tats, and have adopted the prison-chic clothing so loved by those school-to-prison pipeline types. This resident, however, was unlike the others. He had such an innocent look about him, you’d never guess half the shit on his rap sheet. Lucky for him, that rap sheet isn’t going to become public, and thus, he has a real chance to start again from scratch.

When I called him into the bedroom and asked him to set down, you’d think he was in the principal’s office. He looked worried, and like he might start crying any moment. While that was sort of endearing, I nevertheless was brusque with him while he was reading and signing the rules of the House. Although he looked innocent, I knew that he was just a used up dirty bitch like all the others, and decided to get my cock wet with him before he started causing any trouble.

I must admit, his little 18 year old lips felt nice wrapped around my dick, and he didn’t seem to have much of a gag reflex. But the hottest part of the blowjob was just him staring up at me with those pretty blue eyes of his. He was desperately seeking approval, and you could tell it. I hadn’t even stuck my cock in his fuck hole and I could already tell he was going to be my new favorite piece of fuck meat.

When I had him lube up my dick and stick it in himself, he slowly but gently let the head of my cock pop into his sphincter, and from that point on it was a go. He didn’t need much loosening up, which made me wonder how many times he had been in this situation. His ass was so smooth and silky that it told me, “A lot of times,” but the expression on his face told another story. Never in my life had I been fucking a resident who had such a dumbfounded look on his face. Who knows, maybe he thought that it all gets better once you turn 18. I hated to break it to him, but for his type it only gets worse.

To finish off, since his ass felt so damn good I had him ride me, at first facing me, and then facing away. Given the baby fat and not very muscular body, I was surprised that his legs didn’t give out sooner. Sure enough, he rode that dick until I popped deep inside of him. What a people pleaser this young resident is! I bet his legs were sore the next day, though, not to mention his ass. When I smacked him good on his way out the door, his astonishment was palpable. It’s nice to have a teen like this around, for sure. Even though it’s no walk in the park, this job definitely has its perks!

Grilled: Bareback

Cute twink Zander Lane and his mom are all ready for a barbecue with his aunt and her new boyfriend, Alex Mecum. Zander didn’t expect Alex would be such a muscular silver fox, and he wants to sink his teeth into that hot and succulent man meat! Alex puts some thick wieners on the grill, but Zander is too hungry to wait, so he slides Alex’s thick sausage into a bun and covers it with mustard! Alex drizzles ketchup on his cock as Zander sucks it, and after the teen continues the blowjob under the table, the guys head inside where Alex fucks Zander’s tight ass doggystyle. The cute twink rides Alex, then takes a bareback mish pounding till he cums, and Alex covers Zander’s face with his “mayo”!

Boned By The Drone

When Logan Cross spots Dante Colle sitting down in the waiting room, he tries everything to get the hunk’s attention. His artfully executed bend-and-snap doesn’t get Dante to look up from his phone, so he snaps a photo of herself with a face-swap filter to pose as a hot girl on a dating app, and soon they’re sexting up a storm! Once Dante’s big dick is hard from “her” nudes, Logan introduces himself and gets to sucking. Dante can’t believe the way Logan rides his cock and fucks his throat, then pounds the cute twink in doggystyle. Logan takes that big dick deep in piledriver till he cums, and Dante covers his ass with jizz.

Elder Dean Ch 1: THE INTERVIEW

Oliver Dean makes his debut on Missionary Boys this week, as the handsome new recruit that all the priests have their eyes on. Sturdy, broad-shouldered Elder Dean has been on President Oaks’s radar for weeks, and today, the handsome priest finally gets to interview the boy. He wraps his fingers around the base of his stiff cock and then slides his rock-hard cock deep inside the boy’s hole before filling him up with cum.

Czech Hunter 470

I could see this young man from far away. He was probably the tallest guy I have ever seen. Way higher than me. He was also quite cute. I was really curious if his cock was as big as he was tall. We started chatting and I eventually managed to push us towards the topic I was interested in. The boy took my money and followed me to my car. That is always a good sign. We moved to my friend’s place and the real fun started. This blond cutie was straight but knew what men like in bed. He gave me a beautiful blowjob. I couldn’t wait to give his ass nice banging. The dude took my cock quite well and enjoyed the ride. To my surprise he even let me cum into his mouth. Guys in Prague are definitely getting slutty… I’m glad he gave me his number, now I need him to bring friends along. That would be fun…

Pervert Buddies

Two P’s in a Pod: WARM UP

 Lukas Stone and Mason Lear make their debut on Brother Crush this week, as a pair of mischievous siblings. After Mason secretly cranks the heat up in the living room, he offers to help the boy cool off with a refreshing ice rub down. The steamy moment turns into some scorching bareback fun as the little guy gets his bubble butt pounded bareback and shoots a sticky load of cum!

Jax & Manny: Bareback

Tall Jax and tanned Manny run through the surf on a gorgeous day at the beach, flexing and riding their skimboards before getting some privacy so they can ride each other! Manny cops a feel of Jax’s huge cock and needs to see it, then impresses the tall top with his deepthroating abilities. Then it’s time for Manny’s tight ass to get stretched, and that huge cock makes him cum harder than either of them expected before Jax jizzes all over Manny’s face. “Fuck that was a big load!” Manny says as Jax licks off his own cum. Jax replies incredulously, “MY load? Did you see YOUR load?”

Rocky’s Foot Tickle

Franco convinces 21-year-old straight muscle hunk Rocky to try something new. He’s going to sit there, completely unrestrained, and see how much foot tickling he can endure from another guy. When Franco slips off Rocky’s size 12 sneaker and gently strokes his socked foot, it’s obvious this is going to be a crazy tickle experience! Rocky laughs hysterically and smacks himself in the face as Franco tickles his sensitive sole with his fingers. Franco pulls off his sock, and Rocky spreads his beautiful toes before Franco rubs his beard on the exposed sole. Tensing all his amazing muscles, Rocky giggles and swears as Franco sucks his big toe. It’s a kind of tickling ecstasy that amazes Rocky! After taking off his athletic shorts and exposing his huge balls, Rocky innocently sits back down and offers his feet up to Franco. No matter what Franco does, Rocky obediently sits and lets him tickle his feet. Franco tickles them with a soap saver and sucks his toes. He tickles them with lubed fingers and with brushes. And even though Rocky screams with laughter, beats the wall and practically levitates, amazingly he allows himself to be drawn back into the tickling again and again.

My Brother, The Hunk: FAKE ID

Caleb Cummings and Jay Tee are the newest sibling duo on Brother Crush this week. The inexperienced, young Caleb wants to go to the club with his friends so badly, so he tries to steal his older buddy’s ID to sneak in. When Jay catches him, he decides that it’s time to teach the little guy a valuable lesson about being grown up. After face fucking his baby step brother, he plows the cute twink’s virgin hole and shoots a load of cum deep in the boy’s gut!

Robert’s massage

It had been several months since I’d heard from Robert, so I naturally assumed he wasn’t interested in coming back for a happy-ending massage. Of course, I’d mentioned it the last time he was over. His response at the time didn’t sound too promising, either.

Imagine my surprise when he sent a text message, recently, asking if he could do another shoot. He gamely agreed to a rubdown, but seemed pretty edgy when he showed up at the studio. As we got to talking, he said that not only had he never done anything with a guy before, he’d also never gotten a happy-ending and didn’t know what to expect on either fronts. I assured him that it didn’t take a whole lot on his part — just lay down, close his eyes and enjoy the ride. 

It was great to see he’d stopped “trimming” his pubes and even better to hear that he hadn’t busted a nut in four days. It actually made me wonder if that’s what instigated him getting in touch. Horned up 21-year-old str8 dude with the prospect of making some cash? My speciality! (wink)

I’d forgotten what a leaker Robert was. There seemed to be no end to the pre-cum. And as hard as he had to work to get himself up to the finish line in his solo videos, the exact opposite happened this time. As soon as his cock was getting stroked for more than a few seconds, his whole body suddenly clenched up and he whispered, “It’s coming.” Talk about a hair trigger.

So, I took it slow and enjoyed oiling up his beefy body and teasing his dick with several passes of my hands by his throbbing rod. Probably needless to say, it didn’t take long to get Robert up to the edge for the grand finale. And, boy, was it grand! Robert gripped the sides of the massage table and squirted thick streams up cum all the way up his chest while panting heavily.

Cain & Welsey Smokin Flip Fuck!

Smooth smoking boys Cain and Welsey haul back hard on their cigs while they suck each others cocks! Then Welsey lights a fresh cig for Cain, lubes his rock hard cock and hops on for a hot smokin fuck! After Welsey rides Cain, they switch it up, light new cigs and Cain gets a hrd fucking too!

Younger Twinks Being Fucked By Older Guys

Czech Hunter 466

I spent the whole day walking around Prague and hunting. After several hours of no success, I gave up. While sitting at a beer garden and checking out cute tourists, I got a text message. One of my previous guys talked his friend into an easy way to make money. We set the meeting for the next morning at a flooded quarry outside of Prague. After initial confusion, we met and went looking for a discreet place. There were so many people around! Finally, we found a spot behind roadside bushed, where we could have some fun in private. The boy I knew from before took our cocks easily, unfortunately his friend struggled a lot. Still, I think they both had loads of fun because I ended up covered in their warm semen. The new guy agreed to meet again, I just have to remember to bring a butt plug along.

YOUNGPERPS: Case #1909071-97

This week, a handsome Loss Prevention Officer encounters double the trouble when he detains a couple of sexy stepbrothers who were hiding out in the girls’ changing room and masturbating secretly. They line up next to each other and let the hung guard have his way with them. Ethan Thompson makes his return to form in this sexy scene with Young Perps’ debut bottoms, Marcus Mayhem and Pierce Olson.

Running Butthole Challenge Part 3

The running butthole challenge has claimed yet another sweet hole as Pierce Paris finds himself having to explain to his very handsome doctor, Scott DeMarco, how he got his phone stuck up there. After a short struggle, Scott was able to dislodge the now ringing phone from Pierce’s hole. As Pierce rushes to answer it, he starts teasing Scott with his perfectly round ass dangling in the air. Muscular Scott can’t seem to hold himself back from admiring Pierce’s gorgeous ass; he starts to slowly undress himself, revealing his massive, cut, hard dick. Still on the phone, Pierce tries his best not to give anything away which becomes difficult the moment Scott slides his beautiful cock deep inside him. As Scott starts thrusting away, Pierce hangs up the phone to give his full attention to rhythmically backing into Scott harder and faster until Scott flips him around and starts deep-throating Pierce’s huge dick. After Pierce returns the favor, he gets his eager ass back on Scott’s rock hard cock and the two continue to fuck on the floor of Scott’s office until they both blow their wads on each other!

Running Butthole Challenge Part 2


I was at a BBQ recently where Giacomo (probably for obvious reasons) caught my eye. We got to chatting and it eventually came up that I shoot porn. His eyes widened and he replied with a surprised-sounding, “No shit?”

His astonished reaction made more sense when he explained that he’d been told a few times that he should look into it. Not knowing where to turn to get started, I told him that apparently all he needed to do was show up at the right party!

Giacomo was in the military here in San Diego and, when he got out, decided to stick around town. He’s 27 y/o now, going to college, soaking up the sun and chasing girls. He grew up in a small town playing football and wrestling. When I asked what people first notice about him he said it was his eyes.

“And I like to make people laugh,” he added. “People like to talk with me. I’m a pretty easy person to talk to.”

I would agree wholeheartedly, but was a little surprised to hear that they didn’t notice his body. And once his clothes came off, his dick! It’s a hefty one even soft. And grew to a thick 7 1/2 inches once he got to stroking.

Giacomo was a natural in front of the cameras, too, and showed off with a purpose! He’d saved up for a couple days before the shoot, so he must have been a little extra horny. When he bent over to show off his hairy ass, I nearly dropped the camera.

After he got the thumbs-up to bring it home, Giacomo cupped a hand around his balls and got himself ramped up. Under heavy breathing and loud moans, he splattered his abs with what looked like a well-earned load of cum.

Str8 Chaser: Jax

I was hungry, hot, and tired, and we hadn’t seen any hot guys around all day, but Kendra convinced me to stick it out just a little longer. Lucky she did, because a super muscular Adonis suddenly came toward us through the heat haze. Kendra called him over and found out Jax was at the park to watch a baseball game, so she asked him straight up for his bat size before enticing him to hop in the van. Once she got him blindfolded with his big cock out, I tapped in to wrap my lips around his dick. With Kendra giving all the orders, I just had to sit back and relax as she told Jax to suck my cock and then lick my ass! He said he wasn’t into it at first, but it sure felt good… and his huge dick inside me felt even better! Jax came on my face and then sucked out every drop of my jizz.

Czech Hunter 467

This guy was an incredibly catch. While hunting in the city center, I met a fitness coach. I could tell he looked good from miles away. We had a nice talk about fitness and nutrient plans, during which I pretended to be interested in his advice. All I cared about was his body. When this blond angel showed me his body, I almost ejaculated right there. He was simply stunning. I didn’t spare coin on the cutie and he didn’t exactly mind my attention. We found a nice spot near a railway track and the guy started earning the money I promised him. And he was doing a great job. His ass swallowed my horny cock like nothing, and it felt great. My new friend did have awesome time, as well. He moaned and thrusted against my cock like crazy! I have a feeling that we will see him again pretty soon. 

Young Uncut European Hunks

Christopher’s Audition

25-year-old Christopher’s cock is long enough that when he’s half-hard he can almost fuck himself. Even with that special talent, he’s still nervous to take off his clothes and masturbate on camera. He tries to get comfortable on the couch while he jacks out a load for his audition. I have Christopher lie down while he strokes it, so I can check him out from all angles. I even get him to try sticking his dick in his own butt. Once he finally relaxes, he pops off a nice juicy nut for me.


Bound up tight!

We have always wanted someone on tap 🚰 just there to be fucked by us…
like A slave…
Someone who MUST take our fucking load whenever WE are ready to blow it…
Someone Young, cute and really innocent 😇 looking…
Guess what?…
We found him ❗ LOL
He came to the flat and I kid you not his words where this

” You and your friends can do whatever ya like to my 19yr arsehole
No condom needed… just as long as I leave feeling used and spunkful”

Southern sexy boy duck taped and helpless 2 bunkbed 🛌
He begged to come to get Anonymous loads pump in him
➖ Tyrone takes a go on his arse on the floor, on a bare mattress –
no one can tell what the lads saying cos his gagged, it’s so horny
➖ Tyrone does that ‘leaning hands on the lower back thing’ that gets him off so quickly he spunk’s uncontrollably whiles pulling it out of his butt then shoves it back in whilst still off-loading
➖ I jump on and fuck his spunk deep in 🔆finally a vid where I cum last 🔆
been trying to make this happen for ages but then I made the mistake of going down on him to lick his spunky hole and the smell of Tyrone’s spunk just sends me right over the edge and a fucking fountain ⛲ of jizz fires right over his open 🕳
His face 👀 so cute in the reflection of the mirror – unfortunately he can’t speak cos his gagged so we will never know if he wanted us pinning him 2 the bed n floor
🙊 This is the 1st time over ever held off to smell the other lads cum leaking out of a teens arse and FUCK ME it smelled GOOD! I’m rock hard writing this
THIS LAD IS 💯 % beautiful, cum cheek him out and if ya fancy a quick do on him then just let me know!


Me and my roomies spent the weekend cruising the hookup apps looking for hung dudes to cum breed our holes.

Fucking Jocks – Videos

Sky’s Giant Cock and Huge Load

Sky heard from a buddy of his that he could get an awesome blowjob at the Straight Fraternity gloryhole. He shows up with his huge uncut cock and a giant three-day load he’s ready to blow. As I suck Sky’s uncut cock, it gets bigger and bigger…and bigger! I choke down as much as I can, but it’s even a lot for me to handle. I slurp on his head and jerk his skin until he shoots a humongous load all over my face and down my throat. That’s a lot of cum!

Czech Hunter 463

I spotted a cute guy washing his ride at a car wash. To start a conversation, I offered him money for taking care of my car. He agreed and asked for 1 000 Crowns. That was a good sign. The guy was obviously not very busy and definitely greedy as hell. I didn’t waste time and started giving him naughty offers. He was shy a lot but at least showed me his cock. It looked very impressive, so I convinced him to follow me somewhere discreet. We went to a forest just across the street. The place looked kinda creepy and ugly but I didn’t care, I just wanted to fuck him hard. He pleasured my horny dick nicely and let me absolutely destroy him. The poor dude had trouble with my size but eventually stretched just enough. And the way he licked the cum off his body… just amazing!

Dirty Scout 203

I think this young man just wanted to look tough but wearing a sleeveless T-shirt to a job interview wasn’t exactly a smart idea. Thank god he was looking for an ordinary job, otherwise I would had to let him go unfucked. The guy didn’t talk much but was qualified for a forklift operator position at a warehouse, which he got. Too bad he was in deep financial problems and couldn’t afford to pay our mediation fee. Don’t worry, I helped him more than enough. In exchange he just had to pleasure me. Well, he struggled with it a lot. It was obvious he never even considered doing anything gay in the past. His ass was incredibly tight and clenched. I really tried to make things easy for him but he didn’t have a too great time. Still I hope he’ll enjoy that forklift job as much as I enjoyed his innocent ass.

Clyde & Ayden: Bareback

Hiking through the woods, playing badminton in a meadow, and flexing their cut muscles, hotties Ayden and Clyde are feeling pretty frisky even before they get back to the Sean Cody house where they can play to their hearts’ content. “I’m excited. That ass!” says Clyde, but before he has a chance to get his hands on it, Ayden is sucking his cock. When Clyde can’t wait any longer, he pounds that big dick into Ayden’s tight hole, and the cutie’s big booty brings out a load that impresses both of them! “You made me cum a lot, congratulations,” laughs Clyde. “You’re the Jackson Pollock of cum!” Ayden jokes.


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Muscled Dudes Barebacking

Bareback First

Drew guides Cameron through his first scene with another dude. He starts kissing Cameron and makes him suck his dick. Then he sucks Cameron’s cock and flips him over to eat his ass. The look on Cameron’s face is priceless! Drew lubes them both up, gets on his knees and guides Cameron’s cock into his tight hole. Like a lot of first timers, Cameron bangs away before Drew is warmed up. So Drew switches to a position that makes it more comfortable for both of them. Drew drenches Cameron’s cock in silicone lube as he pounds him. Cameron pulls out and shoots his huge load all over Drew’s hole, then stuffs his cum-covered cock back inside for a couple more pumps.


Little Oliver misses spending quality time with his older step brother…so he orders a special toy for them to play with: a huge dildo! The big guy fills his younger bro’s hole with the dildo, getting him open and ready to take his thick, throbbing cock. His hole feels so tight and warm hugging his dick, that Pierce can’t help but cum deep inside little Oliver’s gut!

Spring Cumming

Paul Canon keeps a tidy house, but his new roommate Kaleb Stryker is making that almost impossible! The horny twink won’t stop jerking off, leaving his sticky tissues all over the house. Paul confronts the curly haired jerk-offaholic but Kaleb won’t stop stroking, cumming all over the floor and leaving it for Paul to clean up. When Paul is bent over, Kaleb decides that he’s finally had enough of his own hand and shoves his dick straight up Paul’s tight ass. The two feuding friends settle their differences by fucking all over the house, Paul taking Kaleb’s thick uncut cock all the way inside of him until he’s ready to blow his load all over his own face.

Archie & Josh: Bareback

Both all-American cutie Archie and bleached-blonde stud Josh have pretty high expectations for their encounter together. Archie has already been paired up with Josh’s boyfriend, and he’s eager to complete the set, saying, “Now I’m gonna see which one is better in the sack.” Josh is thrilled because Archie is just his type, both for his cute, hairy, muscular physique and his love of aggressive, high-intensity sex, but most of all, because of Archie’s newfound love of bottoming! “I definitely want to fuck the cum out of him. It’s my goal, and I think I can do it.” These two turned-on tops switch things up and take turns riding each other’s dicks, and it’s hard to say who has the most fun!

Dominating Submissive Youngsters

Nickolas Strokes His Big Dick

Nickolas is a pretty shy guy who was both nervous and excited about jacking off on camera for me. For someone who says he’s nervous, his dick sure gets hard fast! Nickolas has a really nice cock and soon he’s stroking his meat with gusto. I cop a feel while greasing him up “for the camera.” After shooting his load, Nickolas admits to jacking off just before he came over, “just to calm down a little bit!” He seems pretty calm now!

A Good Long Jack Off Session – Markis Morningstar

Markis knows how to properly enjoy himself when he’s enjoying some solo time.

Bareback First

Drew guides Cameron through his first scene with another dude. He starts kissing Cameron and makes him suck his dick. Then he sucks Cameron’s cock and flips him over to eat his ass. The look on Cameron’s face is priceless! Drew lubes them both up, gets on his knees and guides Cameron’s cock into his tight hole. Like a lot of first timers, Cameron bangs away before Drew is warmed up. So Drew switches to a position that makes it more comfortable for both of them. Drew drenches Cameron’s cock in silicone lube as he pounds him. Cameron pulls out and shoots his huge load all over Drew’s hole, then stuffs his cum-covered cock back inside for a couple more pumps.

Two Twink Boys In Service Part 3 – Jesse Evans, Casper Ellis & Sean Taylor

After an incredible fucking Jesse is finally being allowed to unload his cock.

Wall Stuffed Part 3

Muscular submissive Oliver Stone is getting antsy waiting for big-dicked dom Thyle Knoxx to come and use his holes. Thyle sees his willing slave away from the place he left him and decides that he needs to punish Oliver for his disobedience. Thyle shoves his thick cock into Oliver’s mouth, paddling him as he fucks the brown-haired bottom’s mouth. Satisfied with his warm up, Thyle moves on to filling Oliver’s tight ass, pounding him all over the small room where he keeps the submissive slut. Oliver takes his master’s thick cock over and over, letting it ram him deep until they’re both ready to shoot their loads in this steamy BDSM scenario.

Wall Stuffed Part 1

Zodiac: Scorpio

“Scorpio men are shrouded in mystery when they make love to another man, they are passionate, they are lustful, but more than anything else they are elusive. They have impressive techniques that will please you, but don’t be mistaken: their goal is to take everything from you.” Windom Gold and William Seed provide an object lesson in the powerful lust of Scorpio men. William shoves his long, thick cock down Windom’s eager throat, teasing the horny hunk’s tongue with the tip of his dick. Windom bends over and lets William slam himself into his tight ass, William using Windom’s hole as his personal fuck toy as he pounds him ferociously all over the sunlit room.

Young Boys Seduction

Brysen & Chris: Bareback

Even while pumping iron in the park, Sean Cody favorite Brysen can’t help flirting with the camera, winking as he pecks his impressive biceps. His seductive moves work on ebony cutie Chris, because after playfighting and playing with each other’s packages, he’s raring to go as soon as the athletic studs get some privacy. Chris gets down on his knees to suck Brysen’s cock and then hops up to ride it before taking that big dick in doggystyle. Brysen fucks a massive load out of the lean bottom before putting him in piledriver, and even the naughty top can’t believe how much Chris’s ass can take! “I think he wants more of this. I thought I’d break that hole, but apparently it’s a fucking unbreakable hole.”

Czech Hunter 460

I was hunting on the outskirts again today and met a really cool looking dude. He was a bit small but had a nicely beefed-up body. The boy came from Slovakia to visit his girlfriend. Man, that’s some serious dedication. It must be a true love… or he was just super horny and week of non-stop fucking her brains out was way too tempting. Well, to get to her he got to go through me first because I was even hornier. The guy was a factory worker so money was tight. He liked the little part-time job I offered him. Maybe he wanted to take his girl for an expensive night out and my money would help. I totally destroyed his virgin ass and milked his balls dry. I hope the girlfriend wasn’t too disappointed when he finally showed up. No sex for you tonight, baby! I got to your lovely boyfriend first.

From Broke Virgin To Cum Whore

I was lucky to have Pierce Olson and James Dawn staying with me at the same time. It was a full house, too, since Jack Lowe was also couch surfing with me. Pierce, though, was the special prize this time around. He was a sexy young stud with a virgin hole that I was eager to beat up. With James Dawn’s big cock, it was sure to be quite the event. Since we had already all been hanging out together, I asked Jack if he could help film this epic threesome. He was more than happy to pick up the camera, and so we commenced.

Pierce had told me beforehand, in private, that although he was open minded he had never actually been with a guy before. This was a bit of a surprise to me, because over the phone – and before I met him in person – he had told me he had some experience. It turns out, like several guys I’ve met over the years, he was lying about his experience because he thought that would actually improve his chances of getting some work. I’ve always found that route strange, but it happens. More often than not, it’s the other way around, and a guy will say he is a virgin when he isn’t. At any rate, with the task of deflowering Pierce ahead of us, we gave it our best shot.

When the cameras turned on, Pierce sure did put on a good show. He was making out voraciously with me and James, and he turned out to be a pretty good cock sucker, too. I let James have the opportunity to get at his asshole first, right after I’d given Pierce a deep and thorough rim job. James worked it in, and to my surprise, Pierce was able to take it well. We spit roasted him and then I let Pierce ride me while he and James made out. Jack confessed later that he got a woody while he was filming this! I guess he’s not a straight as he used to be. Had I known, I would have had him jump in the action, but I was focused on blowing out Pierce’s cunt.

For the finale, I was fucking Pierce while Pierce was blowing James, and we ended the fuck party with James dumping a load into Pierce’s mouth while I came in his ass. It was a great creampie, too. Pierce was able to push the jizz out of his asshole so that it ran down his taint like a river. Not a bad de-virginization session!

Elder Packer Ch 3: ORDINATION

This week, innocent Elder Packer meets with President Lee for his Ordination ceremony. The muscular priest stretches the boy’s hole with his fingers and then with his fat cock. Lee stuffs the missionary’s hole, until he pumps his load in little Packer’s hole.

Elder Packer Ch 2: THE CALLING

Please, Mr Postman Ch 4: A PACKAGE FOR YOU

The neighborhood postman has not been able to stop thinking about the threesome he had with little Michael and his pervy pop. Today, he stops by for round two under the guise of delivering a fake package. After some suspicion from Mr. Landon, the mailman reveals the real package he came to deliver: spreading his cheeks for the old man to pound his hole before showering Michael in warm, sticky cum!

Please, Mr Postman Ch 1: SPORTS INJURY

Please, Mr Postman Ch 2: HICKEY


Dante is back! But, this time he’s here to seduce a straight guy! He’s only 23 but he’s pretty open minded and he says he has a ton of experience when it comes to sex! And, you can see why! He’s tall, dark, and handsome, with beautiful long hair, a killer body, and a killer cock! This guy has got it going on!

Landon is this week’s straight guy and after turning 18, he wanted to star in his very own porn! He watches porn nonstop and loves to see girls getting butt fucked! Also, hair on a girl is not his thing. He wants a clean shaven girl because he says a bush is a total turn off.

Caruso lets both guys break out their phones so they can look at porn and get hard. After he sees that both guys don’t have any issues, he tells them that he’s going to step out to check on the female talent. When he returned, he had to deliver the bad news… The girl flaked out so without her, they can’t shoot a scene… Unless, both guys will have sex with each other. Then, he could even double the money! Landon laughed it off but after Caruso gave him some words of wisdom, he decided to give it a shot!

A Father’s Love Ch 3: DADDY’S FAVORITE

When Michael catches his step dad kissing his younger step brother passionately, he gets green with envy. To assure the jealous boy that he loves them both equally, the old man holds a competition to see who can please his cock the best. Michael and his pop spitroast little Oliver’s sweet hole before filling it up with warm cum!

A Father’s Love Ch 1 LAID OFF

Men vs Twinks – Bareback

Raw 6: Balls Deep – Cockyboys

The bottoms in this release love their hung partners to go deep…balls deep! Newcummer Clark Davis uses his thick cock to stretch Taylors hole while Wess Russel can’t deny Ricky’s uncut dick grazing his prostate. Nico Leon, Calvin Banks, Ben Masters & Damian Grey round out this hot cast!


Little Lance’s sexy playdate with his cute next door neighbor gets bombarded by Lance’s pervy stepdad. The old man interjects on the fun with his stiff cock, barebacking his young boy as Lance slobbers on Devin’s big dick. They spit roast the tiny kid until he’s drenched in their cum!


Alex is back for more!

Warning 🔥 HORNY AS FUCK 🔥
That Blue eye beautiful boy cheeky essex boy Kia comes back
I tell him about Alex, the sex crazed 🍻flat-everything- he cant believe his ears 👂 – his such a 🅱🅱 slut he wants get be taken over!
I cant believe how beautiful yet SLEAZY this boy is! ❤ IT
I Take him to the sex party 🍺 block of flats opposite our apartment building🏢
With the nutter sex party guys- this time, they ALL know we are coming (unlike before)
Its a bit awkward at first but man this young boy really gets into it
I’m good at relaxing people like that
We lay him on the #🛏 and all take turns fucking him one- he FUCKING WANTS IT so bad
18 year old Alex has make friends with my neighbours now and was there too ❗
– his a bottom but even he fancies the fuck out of Kia (his that STUNNING) and 🔝s him
Alex shoots his spunk and rams in right in his arse A HUGE AMOUNT OF CUM💦 as his doing it, The hot young guy host can’t wait to jump on and give it to him right after-
Kia is fucked over and over and we all get FUCKING HARD AS NAILS feeling other boys cum against our cocks as it’s sliding inside his arse bare
🔸 It’s really outrageously horny! 🔸
THIS NAUGHTY LITTLE CHAV is so fucking used!!!
I’m shocked at how many loads are being shot deep inside KiaWe are all bareback crazed boys – if you wanna cum join in then just message us via the website 🖥 (genuine offer)
This video is CRAZY 😝 watch this one YOU WILL LUV IT
I cant stop watching it myself

Milo Wrapped

Franco has something special in mind for Milo today. After he takes a taste of Milo’s cute little butt, Franco brings out a big roll of cellophane and wraps Milo in it from ankles to shoulders. He picks Milo up and lays his cocooned body flat, then starts tickling his feet through his ankle socks. Milo twitters and wriggles like a caterpillar while Franco tickles his feet and nibbles on his soles. Franco punches little holes through the plastic to tickle his armpits, balls and even his butthole. The rustling continues as Milo contorts his body within the plastic wrap. He hates being tickled! Milo moans and squirms in between his giggles, but he’s not going anywhere. With the tip of a feather, Franco finds Milo’s most sensitive spot, tickling him in tiny strokes on his heels. Then when Milo is at the peak of annoyance, Franco pulls his cock out of the plastic and strokes him until he unloads down the side of the couch. Milo feels the relief…until Franco keeps stroking him, torturing his sensitive cock.

Fame Whores Part 2

Star of the semen soaked silver screen Boomer Banks is sick of blogs talking about people who aren’t him. He’s going to find the biggest dick in the business and take it all the way inside his ass. When Max Konnor shows up he’s reluctant to give the bearded muscle daddy the pounding he craves, but once Boomer says those four little words that every ass destroying stud longs to hear (“you can post it”), all bets are off. Boomer gags on Max’s huge cock, sucking and stroking it while he services the big verbal top. Max rims Boomer’s tight tattooed ass, getting it ready to take his thick dick all the way down in a cheek clapping performance that is sure to get the blogs applauding.

Running Butthole Challenge Part 1: Bareback

When Pierce Paris shows Joey Mills the Running Butthole Challenge, Joey puts on a big show of being disinterested. However, when Pierce checks in on him later the sexy brown-haired twink is getting ready to make his own video for it! Pierce sees an opportunity and sneaks into Joey’s room, setting himself up underneath Joey’s phone so that when Joey attempts the challenge he ends up with Pierce’s rock hard cock up his ass. Joey doesn’t mind though, taking the opportunity to ride Pierce’s massive dick. Pierce gives Joey a powerful pounding, ramming his cock into Joey’s tight twink hole relentlessly until Pierce is ready to blast his load all over Joey’s gaping ass.

Fucking Twinks and Hunks


These bros are definitely NOT gay!

Scott spent the afternoon on all fours slurping and sucking his way around the house. We just sat back and watched the game while this homo took it in both ends. Like I fuck a dudes in the ass for money but this homo likes it! All this gay shit makes me wanna go fuck my gf.

Schooling The Fuckboy

Bearded hottie Steve Rickz thinks that Dante Colle is the perfect boyfriend, faithful committed and heroically hung. But, when Steve discovers that Dante has been cheating on him his whole world comes tumbling down. Steve tricks the dark haired scammer with a scam of his own, disguising himself as the other man and letting Dante suck his cock. When Dante catches on to his thick cocked boyfriend’s trick he’s apologetic, and offers to make it up to Steve the only way he knows how: by wildly fucking him in his secret lover’s bedroom. Tattooed Steve rides Dante all over the room, sliding his big beautiful ass up and down on Dante’s thick cock until he’s learned his lesson.

Ginger Britton Goes Gay For Pay

Britton came over to make a gay dare video, but when the other player chickened out, it was up to me to play with him. Britton has such a hot cock that I couldn’t wait to suck it, and he let me. He got close to cumming a few times while I was working on his rod, but he held onto his wad tight. I showed off his ultra-hot ass while he got on top of me and fucked me. He told me I could get him off any way I wanted, so I put his ankles over my shoulder and went to town rimming his asshole. He loved it! I licked his balls and stroked his cock until he threw his head back and shot his load everywhere.

Oiled Up, Fucked Down Sc.4 – Lior Hod, Rodion Taxa, Rick Palmer

Some photoshoots have happy endings, never said better, with Rodion as the model, Rick as the photographer and Lior as his assistant, these boys are off to an oily start, as Lior rubs down Rodions body with oil to get those so desired photos. But whilst rubbing, it’d seem Lior and Rick want to rub the boy thoroughly, with one thing leading to the other soon the three boys are kissing and sucking Rodions body. The excitement is so, that Lior and Rodion end up in a 69 position, with Rick rimming Rodion and ultimately fucking Rodion’s ass whilst the other two are still in the 69 position! Soon the tables turn a bit, when Lior decides to get Rick in the middile, fucking him, whilst he fucks Rodion. But there is more! Rodion was in the need of two cocks, but he wanted them both at the same time! Needless to say that these two give him what he was craving most!

Twinkstars Up All Night – Lollipop Twinks

Our TwinkStars are Up All Night, feasting on hard young cock and rimming out their tight little holes before packing them full of throbbing cock! Young men with hormones busting out of their fit young bodies are springing boners constantly, and they need to satisfy their desires desperately. Thankfully all our stars have someone on hand to assist them in their efforts, creating a collection of amazing scenes each one ending with cummy climaxes to have you joining in!

Footstool Stud

Windom Gold is chained up and waiting for the unsinkable Bo Sinn to come and use him as his own personal footstool. Bo kicks back, puts his boots up on the tall blonde stud’s back and smokes a cigarette, teasing Windom’s face with his foot while he watches TV and plays video games. Bo lets the horny bottom slut service his massive cock while he’s busy, but when Windom gets in the way Bo decides that it’s time for a rough punishment fuck. Windom loves every second of taking Bo’s long and thick cock, moaning while his hole gets used for the dominant top’s pleasure. Bo blasts a huge load all over Windom then generously allows the submissive to sniff his boots while he jerks off.

Straight Hunks and Bi Dudes

Czech Hunter 452 

My school project excuse for a little talk still works like a charm. Today it helped me meet a guy from Slovakia. He left his home country because the prospect here looked so much better. Too bad he was only able to get a crappy job at a supermarket. Not exactly a stellar success he would write home about. I definitely wanted to improve his situation. Of course, I had naughty intentions. I’m not gonna help a cute young man for free. The boy was terrible with money, he spent all he earned at work on nice things. It didn’t take too much convincing to make him whip out his cock in the middle of a busy street. For a blowjob we had to find a nice discreet place. The boy turned out to be quite good at taking care of my cock. Now I had to return the favor by taking care of his tight asshole.


When little Michael gets caught playing with his older step brother’s gun, he gets his ass punished military style. The serviceman makes the boy drop and give him twenty before eating his tight hole and plowing it raw!


This week, our cameraman films as a cute boy gives a hot stranger some sexy play at the new gay bar in town. He sucks the handsome stud’s cock before plowing his hole raw. Then, he sits on the guy’s dick and takes a hot load of cum up his ass!


Late night in the woods!

loads of my mates wants to go out to play during a random heatwave in the UK 🤪
We were there so long day turns to night🌓 – OMG I never been there @ night before it gets well busy ! We must have had 50 guys surround us
This is so twisted I FUCKING LOVE IT – I get so close then lean over Sasha as his 🅱🅱 fucking Pete in front of everyone –
I get so carried away and trying to make it even more twisted I spunk 💧 a massive load over Sasha dick whitest it’s in Peter arse –
then dirty fucking boys rub it in and carry on fucking OMG this is such a fucking turn on for me! I’m not going to lie the thought of corrupting lads and bringing out there filthy side give me a massive boner
Sasha (Only 19yr and a right proper looker) whitest barebacking Pete, pulls out and spunk’s his think Cum all over and up his arse hole, the perverted🐷 twisted little shit then goes in for a closer look using the light on his mobile 📱 (no word of a lie this could actually be the hottest clip EVER filmed in the history of man!)
this is whilst we were in a mass crow of sex! We totally lost 3 of our mates up there to randoms LOL
!!! Watch This Vid !!!
I Love getting so close then shooting it on one of my mates cock then watching them stick it up another lads arse hole!!! If someone done that to me I would like it just as much BTW (hint hint) HAHA

A Messy Affair

When you’re in the kitchen with a trio of hotties like Alex Vishner, Alexis Crystal and Pavlos you can’t be surprised when things heat up. These three sexy swingers playfully fool around in the kitchen, slinging sauce and flinging flour as they flirt. For an appetizer the burly Alex bends Alexis and Pavlos over the counter, taking turns tonguing their holes as they moan. Soon it’s time for the main course and these three fit and fierce hotties fill each other’s hungry mouths and hungrier holes in a wild bisexual romp.

Str8 Chaser – Mason

I saw Mason’s muscular, athletic body as he sunbathed with his shirt off and I just had to go over and say hello. This former tumbling coach was in between jobs, so I offered him some cash to show me his moves and a little more to show me his cock and his juicy ass! Mason was a bit shy at first, but he came back to the hotel with me and did a pretty good job sucking my dick. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to take my cock in his tight hole, but he had no trouble taking a pounding till I pulled out and came on his face!

Guys Do It Bareback

Elder Clarke Chapters 1-5 – Missionary Boyz

Elder Clarke knows the rules about sex and boys. He’s not even supposed to think about sex, let alone act on it. Nevertheless, he can’t control himself. As soon as he sees a cute guy in his garments, his mouth waters for dick. The Brethren know his type, having encountered it many times before. Instead of kicking him out of the church, they know they just need to harness his energy and excitement toward their own purposes…and their own cocks. Meeting his new roommate, Elder Clarke was eager to develop their relationship. President Lewis instructs Elder Clarke to strip down to his undergarments so he can explore what’s underneath. Elder Hansen visits Clarke and Jones and fulfills his hottest fantasy. President Lewis meets with Clarke again, furthering his carnal education.

Dirty Scout 198

A cute dark haired guy in financial trouble came to me looking for a job. He was probably the best dressed cook I’ve ever interviewed. We discussed his career options and finally picked a matching position. I grew horny by the minute so I eagerly turned the conversation towards the mediation fee. The boy’s financial problems made things a bit easier for me but he still took time to convince. He had a nice athletic body and a pretty long cock. I enjoyed looking at him but wanted a lot more than that. After a long blowjob, I was ready to fuck his tight ass no matter the price. Fortunately, the boy didn’t ask for much. In fact, it felt like a fantastic discount sex. Also, he had a very flexible ass that stretched quite nicely. Thanks to that we were able to go for a very long time.

Czech Hunter 454

Dan was probably the tallest guy I have ever fucked. I met him while hunting around a nice and quiet area of Prague. He was on the way to his female friend but had a few minutes for a little talk. I didn’t take any chances and offered him money straight away. We had a lovely talk and soon proceeded to more delicate matters. The boy had pretty sweet abs even though he didn’t like working-out too much. This looked very promising. I told him exactly what I wanted. He was a bit surprised, I guess he never had a gay admirer before, but agreed to go further. We found a nice discreet place near what looked like a deserted road and started having fun. Well, the road was definitely not deserted! We had to be really quiet or risk offending all those people walking and riding by. Easier said than done…

Spread At The Spa: Bareback

Trevor Laster doesn’t like the look of the spa that his boyfriend picked out for their massage together, but when he sees the hunky masseuse (Mateo Fernandez) he changes his tune. Mateo massages the muscular hunk, rubbing his hands all over Trevor’s huge muscles as his boyfriend watches jealously. However, things get even spicier when Mateo starts to work on the tightness in Trevor’s ass. Mateo oils up the tattooed stud’s sweet hole and starts to give him some very deep tissue massage. When Trevor’s boyfriend realizes what’s going on he storms out, giving Mateo free reign over the shaved headed hunk. Mateo works him over from top to bottom, fucking the cum out of Trevor with his thick uncut cock.

Drake Tickled Hard

23-year-old Drake isn’t nervous at first, but as Franco ties him down, he starts to worry that he might be more ticklish than he thought. Franco starts in his armpits, and it becomes clear that that’s the case. Drake twists his midsection from side to side as Franco tickles the soft skin of his inner thighs and butt. Franco greases up his hands with silicone lube and tickles Drake in his pits and on his ribs. Drake’s giggles and squirms become stronger as Franco moves down to his size 11 1⁄2 feet. Franco tickles him through his white ankle sock before revealing his beautiful bare foot and tickling it with pet grooming brushes. When Drake kicks one away, Franco magically makes another tool appear. He even tickles Drake’s toes with his tongue before switching back to his fingers. Drake flips his foot all around, but Franco always finds a way in. After a good tickle on his right foot, it’s time for a break. Franco gets Drake hard then massages around his crotch while Drake jacks himself off. As soon as Drake shoots his load, Franco clips his wrists to the table and tortures his sensitive cock. Next it’s a playful wrestling match between Franco and Drake’s feet. He’s a wily one! Franco tickles his feet back and forth until they’re both almost exhausted, but before he’s totally unhooked, Drake reveals that he’s weak for feather tips. Franco quickly grabs one and tickles Drake all over his upper body with it before Drake can free himself.

Czech Hunter 448

Today I tried a better looking neighborhood just outside Prague. I couldn’t stand the heat in the city. The area was quite nice and I even scored with the first boy I met. Rosta was a future programmer, who had an interesting part-time job of building music stages. He didn’t make much so I offered him another part-time involving our cocks and various body entrances. The boy agreed but was incredibly shy and nervous. It was simply adorable, I could see him shaking while he was undoing my shorts to get to my cock. We got disturbed by a passer-by but Rosta wanted the money so badly he found us a better sex place. I think he was having a very nice time. He complained about the size of my cock but took it like a proper man. I have this feeling I might see him for another round very soon.

Fraternity Domination

Czech Hunter 453

This day went absolutely terribly at first. I found out that my car wouldn’t start so I decided to go on a hunting trip by a train. I didn’t manage to find anyone interesting while on the way to the train station, which got me a bit depressed. Fortunately, right on the platform I met a very handsome guy waiting for his train to arrive. We started chatting and he was very interesting. The boy was not only very fit looking but also knew a few impressive tricks. You see, he had a flexible body like a gymnast or a circus performer. Too bad he was also incredibly shy. It was almost impossible to get him out of his undies. It took a while but all the effort was totally worth it. He had a nice fat cock and a beautifully tight ass. The boy was an incredible catch, I really hope he’ll need money again soon.

Jax & Ayden: Bareback

After meeting up at the beach–posing in their colorful swim trunks, running across the dunes, and kissing in the shade–Jax drives Ayden back to the house to get to know each other a little better. But Jax already knows one very important fact about Ayden: “He’s got the biggest, roundest, sexiest, juiciest ass that I’ve ever seen!” He gets right up close and personal with it, tonguing Ayden’s tight hole before sliding his massive cock inside. Jax loves Ayden’s amazing booty, but it’s his handsome face that the muscular top wants to cum on!

Cameron & Cassidy: Bareback

Curly-haired cutie Cameron Parks and exclusive Cassidy Clyde give an intimate peek into their sexual histories and  feelings about each other in a brief interview with handsome men. They discuss their mutual attraction before sharing a tender kiss that escalates to Cameron giving Cassidy a slow and sensual blowjob. Cassidy returns the favour, sucking and licking Cameron’s balls before letting the blue-eyed dreamboat slide his thick cock into his ass. The two twinks share a passionate encounter, Cassidy riding Cameron’s cock until Cameron shoots his load all over Cassidy’s warm hole.

Five Brothers: The Takedown Ep. 3 – NakedSword Originals

Episode 3: The Senator’s Son – Jay Dymel returns from fucking the Chief of Staff to reveal that the family is going to need Nic Sahara’s help to put Senator Valenti in their back pocket. It’s up to cousin Aaron Saavy to convince Nic to seduce the senator and secretly video tape their sexual encounter. PLOT TWIST: the Senator is not home but his son, the ripped and handsome Justin Matthew, is. With his camera phone propped up, Nic pushes record and the mission is underway. Lucky for Nic he doesn’t have to do much work to get Justin out of his clothes and his cock in Justin’s mouth. They fuck on the kitchen counter in plain view of God and everybody, including Nic’s hidden camera, which captures all the hot cock sucking and ass fucking action. Well done Nic!

Elder Dial Ch 3: THE COVENANT

This week, President Oaks wants to see if the rumors about Elder Dial’s massive, uncut cock are true. He pulls the boy’s underwear down and finds that his dick is even bigger than he expected! Then, he barebacks the sexy missionary before drenching his balls with a thick load of cum.

Please, Mr Postman Ch 1: SPORTS INJURY

 When Joe gets hurt during his soccer game, his concerned step dad gives him a massage to make sure the pain goes away. After some intimate touching, the old man tongue fucks the kid’s sweet hole and then pounds his bubble butt!

Gay Porn Twinks Videos

Bare: Jay Dymel & Ryan Stone – NakedSword Originals

Well that’s a first! Ryan Stone puts on a full metal jacket of cock rings that encages the entire length of his cock and his boyfriend, Jay Dymel, services him then gets fucked while Ryan is still wearing it. These two are sexy, playful little horn dogs. Spend an afternoon with them, it’s a hot scene!

A Father’s Love Ch 1 LAID OFF

Losing a job can be tough, and little Dandy wants to make sure his stepdad gets back on his feet. To make the burly guy feel better, he blows his hard rod and lets the old man plows his tight hole raw!


When William’s older stepbrother finds his collection of used condoms in the closet, he dumps the cum all over the little guy’s face. The jealous brother pounds the boy hard and raw, leaving a load of cum exactly where it belongs — up his brother’s hole!

Czech Hunter 448

Today I tried a better looking neighborhood just outside Prague. I couldn’t stand the heat in the city. The area was quite nice and I even scored with the first boy I met. Rosta was a future programmer, who had an interesting part-time job of building music stages. He didn’t make much so I offered him another part-time involving our cocks and various body entrances. The boy agreed but was incredibly shy and nervous. It was simply adorable, I could see him shaking while he was undoing my shorts to get to my cock. We got disturbed by a passer-by but Rosta wanted the money so badly he found us a better sex place. I think he was having a very nice time. He complained about the size of my cock but took it like a proper man. I have this feeling I might see him for another round very soon.

Surprise Collision

Blonde twink Cyrus Stark is obsessed with leather-clad bad boy Justin Blake. Every time he sees the dark haired cutie he gets totally tongue-tied. When Justin accidentally bumps into Cyrus he drops his butt plug, which Cyrus uses as an excuse to lure Justin into his house. Cyrus proves that there are some things his tongue can do when Justin’s around by giving the dark haired twink a deep blowjob before he bends him over and fucks his tight hole. Justin lets Cyrus pound his hole and ride him hard until the blonde twink shoots his load inside Justin’s ass.

Dominating Younger Boys

Erectile Entanglement Part 2: Bareback

After catching an eyeful of his dad’s hot new boyfriend (Michael Jackman), Jack Hunter doesn’t know what to do with himself. Michael sneaks into Jack’s room and makes it clear that he’s interested in a lot more than just Jack’s dad. The two sexy athletic dudes get frisky in the living room, barely avoiding Jack’s dad as they trade sneaky blowjobs. Jack rims Michael’s tight hole then shoves his huge cock in bareback while Michael moans with pleasure.


an especially hot scene

Now that was a sex party. Me and my roomies spent all weekend face down ass up. Cum dripping out of every hole.


Featuring All-American Jordan!

This is definitely one of my most recent faves, we loves fucking this All-American beauty so much, I mean what’s not to love? He’s cute, sweet, sexy, tall, beautiful, hung and has a hard lean body. But his most amazing attribute is his insatiable sexual appetite, I guarantee you will love this aggressive raw nasty hardcore breeding video, or ur semen back 🙂 enjoy

NEW RECRUIT Elder Dial Ch 2

President Lewis is usually one of the more stern priests, but today he has decided to let loose with his favorite missionary boy, Elder Rim. He and Rim haze Elder Dial, filming as the young missionary gags on Lewis’s hard cock before getting his ass pummeled in the shower!

Please, Mr Postman Ch 1: SPORTS INJURY

When Joe gets hurt during his soccer game, his concerned step dad gives him a massage to make sure the pain goes away. After some intimate touching, the old man tongue fucks the kid’s sweet hole and then pounds his bubble butt!

Banded Young Gay and Straight Boys


When Argos gets caught taking a shower in his parents’ bathroom, he licks his younger stepbrother’s asshole to keep him quiet. Then, the rulebreaker gets his tight hole plowed raw before shooting a sticky load of cum all over his own stomach!

Czech Hunter 444

While hunting on the outskirts, I met this interesting guy Mirek. He was visiting his girlfriend but I guess he wasn’t in a hurry too much. I was sure the slag could wait. The boy trained to be an artistic cabinet-maker, which sounded like a nice trade. He was still one year away from finishing the school so money was tight. I think the boy was truly in love because he was saving money for a huge birthday present for his girlfriend. He needed 10 000 Crowns. That sounded like a pretty expensive present but I wasn’t going to talk him out of it. Instead I used it. I offered Mirek a few Crowns to test him and then took him to a nearby park. We had to be a bit careful but still I managed to have loads of fun with him. His ass needed proper stretching at first but in the end we both had a great time.

Shawn Drained

Shawn takes off his shirt and sticks his dick through his fly and into my mouth. It’s been days since Shawn last drained his balls, and this horny young man is desperate to shoot his load. He moans and rubs himself and commands me to suck his dick. I swallow him all the way down to his blonde pubes, then he fucks my face through the hole and I eat his load.

Blake’s Tickle Torture

Blake is used to being in control, so he’s justifiably nervous about being tied up and tickled. Franco straps him to an old massage chair and starts with the armpits. Blake struggles and swears, but this torture victim has no place to go! Franco tickles his bellybutton and his inner thighs, and it’s not long before Blake is dewy with sweat. When he breaks free of a wrist cuff, Franco attaches heavier duty restraints. He tickles Blake’s size 12 feet and forces him to breathe in his own smelly sneakers. Franco continues torturing Blake’s bare feet, tickling his soles and in between his toes. When Franco gets too close to Blake’s face, he bites! Franco climbs on top and rides Blake like a cowboy, pinning him down while Gage jumps in to tickle Blake’s feet. He may be a strong stud, but with four hands tickling Blake, the torture gets really intense. He pants for air and turns red, bucking and struggling. For a break, Franco switches to feathers, but when Blake snatches one, Franco orders him to “drop it.” Like an obedient boy, Blake does, but his reward is only temporary. Franco and Gage tickle torture Blake together until he’s completely exhausted, then they slowly release his bonds just in case Blake tries to throw a punch!

The Driver Part 3

After evading Diego, Luis Rubi and Damon Hart are reunited and Luis can finally thank Damon for helping him escape. Luis drops to his knees and gives Damon a long and deep blowjob, gratefully swallowing his cock down to the base. Damon tongue-fucks Luis’ hole, getting it ready for an intense and passionate fucking in the shower. Luis loves every second of getting railed by Damon, arching against the sexy and athletic hunk. The two studs fuck all over the apartment, celebrating their freedom with huge matching cumshots that leave them spent.

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Fully Loaded – Dark Alley/RFC

Sean Harding is the perfect piggy power bottom slut — eager to please every man in the room. Watch his hot ass get fully loaded by eight 8 studs who leave him overflowing with cum at the end of the gang bang. This movie includes 2 bonus scenes with porn powerhouses Esteban XL, Logan Moore, Max Konnor, and Alessio Vega.

Czech Hunter 440

In this heat most people try to get out of the concrete jungle of Prague and seek refuge near rivers and lakes outside of the city. That’s where I was hunting today. I met Michal when he was lying at bank of such a lake, hiding in the cover of trees. The boy was bunking off university and I disturbed his rest. Fortunately, he was quite friendly and willing to chat. I had a pretty good look at his lean and young body, I just had to get rid of the annoying trunks he was wearing. As most Czech students, Michal was broke so my money worked quite nicely on him. He was shy but eventually sucked me off and agreed to get fucked by me. The poor boy didn’t know what he signed up for and realized it too late. His ass had to endure a great amount of stretching before I finally filled it with my hot cum.


Big Dicks Are Back!

Dicks everywhere. Big hung dudes filling my hole with warm loads. Sucking and fucking my life away. This is sex addiction.


10″ grindr escort!

Showing off our British Baking skills to making a 🍋 drizzle 🎂 with James and the 2nd Plymouth boy
James invites a lad round off grinda –
(we often pulls boys off there but they won’t let me film, normally!)
James gets a 10″ (real inches, not gay inch’s Lol) sexy Brazilian lad called Raphael who’s actually a real life escort!
He lives in london too
📘 If u book escorts and like em hung then you should really think about booking this Boy plus he is proper up 4 it, like me – not too sure if he does clients RAW but I will wank-off to the Fantasy that he does! 😂
Love the idea of being paid money to fuck bareback aaaarrrr that’s so HOT!
I’m definitely getting Raphael back –
we don’t even get him outta the kitchen before all 3 of us Are on him!
His got a stunning bubble-butt and before he knows what’s going on,
🔷 I’m fucking his arse whilst my two mates are sucking his gigantic bell end.
I cum so quick and get his 26yr arse wet 💦 for the boys to jump on and have a go!
After I’m done with his both James and Charlie-Luke take turns fucking on the 🛋
I hold his legs back and watch them do him one at a time
It’s SOOOO fucking horny
He gets creampied rotten ‼
We love dirty boys that have lots of sex -If your an escort or rent boy the chances are we will want ya more!!
Especially if u whore out raw for 💴 that will turn us so SO MUCH!!! 📮 us if that’s the case

Robbie & Lane: Bareback

Pro skater Robbie wanted to take Sean Cody’s favorite tatted-up twunk Lane for a sunny skateboard sesh, but Lane immediately wiped out! The Sean Cody hottie was okay, though, saying, “I’m fine, everything is in check. Dick is fine, the hole is good.” Robbie added, “We’re pretty tough out here, we can take a good pounding!” He took Lane back to the house to do just that. After Lane deepthroats Robbie’s dick, Robbie pounds Lane’s tight ass till both these sexy skaters cum hard!

Drilling Those Holes Raw


When Oliver has a bad dream, he climbs into bed with his older stepbrother for warmth and protection. He sucks his big bro’s cock before bending him over and barebacking his hungry hole.


Our a loves watching this hung stud fuck other guys. Today, they run into a fit boy who is hungry for cock. The kid hops on the hunk’s fat dick and takes it raw until his hole is dripping in leche.

Hostel Takeover Part 3

When Justin Matthews encounters Spanish-speaking hotties Jean Franko and Lucas Fox, one might think that the language divide between them would be too great to bridge. However, he soon learns that among horny travellers certain things are universally understood, chief among them enthusiastic blowjobs and eternally hungry holes. Jean and Lucas make a meal of Justin, pounding him from both sides in their hostel room while he begs them for more. You’ll be feeling a lot more than wanderlust when you see the Eiffel Tower these boys have cooked up.

Brysen & Ayden: Bareback

Brysen and Ayden head out in nature for a jog, but they can’t keep their hands off each other. This pair keep stopping in secluded spots by the side of the trail for some cock stroking and ass squeezing! Back at the house, it looks like these guys want to play with each other a whole lot more, and who could stand in their way? “Go for it?” Ayden asks with a mischievous twinkle in his eye before doing just that, wrapping his lips around Brysen’s boner before the bearded hunk stretches out Ayden’s tight hole.

Fully Loaded – Dark Alley/RFC

Sean Harding is the perfect piggy power bottom slut — eager to please every man in the room. Watch his hot ass get fully loaded by eight 8 studs who leave him overflowing with cum at the end of the gang bang. This movie includes 2 bonus scenes with porn powerhouses Esteban XL, Logan Moore, Max Konnor, and Alessio Vega.

Raw Volume 5 Pounded – Cockyboys

Are you ready for Carter Dane 1st RAW scene!? He heads up this volume by getting fucked raw by gay porn’s hunk-du-jour, Brandon Cody. It doesn’t stop there: Sean Zevran’s gets pounded bareback by the hung & beautiful Cade Maddox. Taylor Reign & Sean Ford each take on beautiful boys in their own flip-fucks!

Dominating and Humiliating Younger Dudes


President Lee has heard all about Elder Rim, and he wants to see if the rumors about his incredible sexual abilities are true. To test them out, he slides his cock into the boy’s mouth while Rim licks his hard dick in turn. Then, they feed each other their creamy loads!

Sleepover With Gramps Ch 3: A SPECIAL LEGACY

When Bar catches his step grandpa sucking his step-dad’s thick cock, his curiosity gets the best of him. He spreads his legs for his old man to plow his tight hole while he sucks his granddaddy’s dick!


When Michael’s older brother comes home from the military, the siblings have a lot to catch up on! Michael tells Ryan that he thinks he might be gay, and Ryan helps his brother explore his sexuality by shoving his humongous cock into his younger step-brother’s mouth. Ryan plows Michael’s round ass until they both cum!

YOUNGPERPS Case #1906063-41

This horny security guard decides to have some fun by detaining a hot young stud for no reason. He drags him back to the Loss Prevention Office and plugs his innocent hole with his thick cock before pounding him into submission!


This tall, lean stud earns his stay in our cameraman’s apartment by using his cocksucking skills to please a tatted-up hottie on tape. Then, he sticks his meaty cock inside the hot Latino’s hole for some rough, raw sex.

Dudes Gang Bang Barebacking


They’re dripping!

It was Sunday afternoon and my hole was dripping with cum. Hadn’t slept yet. Who could with all these hung dudes hanging around. Sucking and fucking everywhere!


Cruising outside, very naughty!

Met this fucking Super hot USA lad in the local woods –
what a perfect ass his got! FUCK♨
This college lad from🇺🇸is found wondering our local woodlands🌲with a massive hard on-

Me and Arron take turns 🔁 on having a go on his arse,
We pass him back n forth and the cam so u get to see it ALL
We really go 4 it and insist on getting our cum in him
His proper up 4 it anyway :)) he proper likes us😈🤪

After I’m done shagging this really hot sweet #usaglaf lad
Master Arron can’t just stand there, his so horny he walks out that big dick of his then🅱🅱fucks the boy too and cums up his arse right there in the woods.

We need more beautiful American boys! I think we need to get our arse over there ❗

Seducing Straight and Innocent Twinks

Elder Call Ch 7: ORDINATION

Elder Call and Elder Hult are two of President Skye’s favorite missionaries. When he gets the chance to be alone with them, the chiseled hunk has no choice but to take advantage of the situation. Skye watches in excitement as Elder Hult ravages Elder Call’s hole, before Hult and Skye spit roast Call!

Sleepover With Gramps Ch 2: WARM MILK

Spoiled Bar needs some extra attention from his muscular step-grandpa if he wants to get a good night’s rest. He crawls into bed with the old man to suck his girthy cock until it’s covered in spit. Then, he shoots a hot load of cum all over his own body as the old man fucks his tight hole!

Sibling Reverie ONLY YOU

Landon’s younger stepbrother has developed a big crush on him, and he is writing it all down in his diary. When Landon finds out, he wants to make the boy’s dreams cum true. He sticks his meaty cock inside the boy’s tight hole and plows him hard until they both cum!

Case #1905062-34

 This week, a young stud has no idea his friends have been stealing when he gets taken back to the Loss Prevention Office. He tries to lie about his identity, but after a little questioning, he ends up with our Loss Prevention Officer’s cock in his mouth. All it takes is a rough ass plowing to get the truth out of this boy!


 This week, our stud follows a tall, dark stud through the ecological reserve until they come across two hot guys making out on the roof of a nearby building. The stud joins them, shoving his dick in a cute boy’s mouth while the kid gets pounded by a bearded stranger!

Straight Horny Bros Having Fun

Warren and Kae Go Gay for Pay

Straight bros Warren and Kae go gay-for-pay with Straight Fraternity’s Bowl of Tricks, including spanking, kissing, rimming and sucking dick. While Warren and Kae sign release forms, I tell them a few things I expect in order to get paid. They’re hesitant, but agree with each other to go ahead. They just don’t know everything they’ll have to do from my Bowl of Tricks. Warren draws first and gives a hard hand-spanking to Kae. Then Kae draws and has to suck Warren’s nipples. So far Warren is winning! But when his next task is to paddle Kae, Kae refuses, until Warren re-draws and pulls teabagging. Up next is one of my favorites, awkward kissing between bros! Then Warren draws and has to lick between Kae’s paddled cheeks. I tell the guys it’s time to suck dick like they agreed to and make Warren go first. It’s Kae’s turn to suck dick. He gives it the college try, but neither of these straight guys is going to get off like this. I toss them each a bottle of lube and let them lean back and start jacking themselves off. Warren is the first to nut, blowing a thick wad on his stomach. I motion for him to help Kae, and after a few minutes Kae is finally able to cum and even shoots all the way up his chest.

Malcom at the Gloryhole

Malcom is the first in a new group of college guys who want their dicks sucked before taking off for the summer. Malcom opens his shorts and slips his shaved dick and fat balls into the gloryhole, where the Pledgemaster starts the magic. He blows and strokes Malcom to completion and sucks all the cum off his dick.

Connor’s Ticklish Feet

Franco finds skinny young blonde Connor chatting online and invites him over for a tickling session. Once Connor is on the table, Franco cuts him out of his shirt and blindfolds him with it. He then starts right in on Connor’s sides and armpits, and it’s not long before Connor is moaning loudly. Franco takes off one of Connor’s shoes and tickles him through his OTC soccer sock, then goes after his bare foot. The grooming brush on Connor’s greased up sole drives him crazy! Before moving on to the other foot, Franco sucks Connor’s big dick and its huge mushroom head. He frees Connor’s hand so he can finish himself off, but as soon as he cums, Franco straps his arm back down. He tortures Connor’s cock with his own load, then continues tickling down Connor’s other side. Franco pulls off his other sock and lubes up his bare foot, using his fingers and trusty brush to tickle torture Connor’s sole. Just like with his right foot, he’s especially ticklish by his toes!


Alex gets fucked by the neighbors!

After fucking this proper stunning posh 18yr privately educated🎓 dirty minded fucker #bang all night he went onto grinda and found us some guys to go to
I didn’t know if his arse could hold any more Cum but was up for finding out 😈
We go to the building next door
2 sexy lads come up from the bedrooms and obviously up 4 it
As I’m sucking them off in the kitchen area,
One takes my cam -his obviously a bit Twated
He filmed that sexy beautiful 18 year old handsome as fuck stunner getting fucking done RAW in the arse by that flat owner guy (the hot one😝)
➖Its proper FULL ON➖
My time with this Alex lad was amazing,
it’s because his such a dirty sleazy minded🤯fucker like me I guess.
Anything Bareback just gets me hard so much, so getting to know and then watching this handsome little fucker get fingered 🅱🅱 with my cum 3 times with 3 diferent cum ice❄ spunk loads, then me cum in him 3 more times then us go to this random apartment and go crazy with these 5 guys is a dream come true
We make a plan #plan to breed the fuck out of the Alex (as per his demands) so like Nike always say, ‘Just Do It’
♦His def cut out for it alright – he was born to be sleazy and it shows!♦
His begging for us to breed him,
Then neighbours household ALL take turns in dicking this boy to death.
I film📹 these lads all taking turns coming inside his arse, over his bum cheek, round his bum hole, fucking everywhere ❗
I’m HARD just saying this back to you

After that pre cum leaking dick boy has finished fucking his pre cum in him then his mate come on to Alex n dose him in the mouth 👄 tips him over and stick it deep in his arsehole too
ITS HORNY AS FUCK watching all of this
I’m the first (as per usual) to pump my think LOAD 💦 over and inside him
Which sets off a spunk chain🔗reaction of everyone spunking up him
I cant believe how much sex and cum this boys had in one day n night after staying in the oval flat with us
And the whole thing is even better when u make friends👬with them – he really is special and I’m so glad to be introducing you to him cos he really is decent.
His a proper grafter and works his arse off in his day job and he travels with this cute A4 note 📒 pad, writing down all his ideas 💡his got GOOD ideas man – there’s a lot to like about him


Come- you have to meet this new boy OMG his 18 years old, absolutely stunning and extremely bright and knows what he wants xx George


Featuring DeAngelo Jackson and Hayden Brier!

Hey everyone, DeAngelo Jackson here! I can’t explain how excited I am to finally make an appearance on GISP! Not only that, but I actually asked to shoot with Hayden specifically, and here we are, so that’s exciting too! Plus, have you seen the ass on that boy?! Legs and ass are my favorite part of a guy so I was in heaven getting to stick my face in it and tongue that beautiful hole. And boy, can he take some dick too! There’s nothing hotter than slowly sliding your cock in a nice, smooth hole that’s freshly wet from your spit. His balls and hard cock, which are both just as big, flopping around as I plowed him just added to the extreme hotness of this fuck. At one point, I was sweating so much from fucking him, he was lying there, hard as a rock with my cock going in and out of him, covered in my sweat too. So fucking hot. This boy and his amazing ass were everything I was hoping for, enjoy! @Austin Wilde

Straight Guys becoming Gays

Deacon & Manny: Bareback

It’s a perfect day at the pool for Deacon and Manny. The hunky studs get wet and wild, starting off the afternoon with an athletic handstand fuck. Things only get more heated from there, as Deacon stretches out Manny’s asshole in the bedroom. The two cum-hungry models help each other get cleaned up before going back at it on the couch!

Deep Fantasy

Things are getting hot and heavy between Shane Jackson and Jeff Powers. Jeff tears off shirt and removes Shane’s so they can press their sculpted chests up against each other. Shane drops to his knees and greedily swallows up Jeff’s hard cock before Jeff bends Shane over some tires and pummels his tight asshole.

Dirty Scout 184

I had to check the calendar if it wasn’t Halloween today because I got visited by a monster-dick. The boy looked very nice, he was polite and we had a pleasant conversation. He studied agriculture and after school his parents got him a managerial position. After five years the company went bankrupt. Now the guy was unemployed and wanted a job. He had skills and seemed capable so I offered him a junior manager position. As usual, there was a problem with our mediation fee but after a heated discussion the boy agreed to undress. Then I saw the monster for the first time. The boy had the biggest cock I’ve ever encountered in my life. I would never let him fuck me. Thank god I didn’t have to. The guy had to be super horny because he got a boner almost instantly and really enjoyed the whole ride.

Dickstraction Part 2: Bareback

Argos can’t take his eyes off of his hot step-dad Jax. He’s decided that enough is enough and he’s going to do whatever it takes to seduce him. The fit dark haired cutie shows off his rock hard body and perfect ass, but nothing is getting Jax’s attention. However, when Argos sustains a light cranial trauma from an ill-placed rake, Jax’s paternal instincts kick in and Argos has the perfect opportunity to make his interest known. Argos sucks the fit daddy’s cock long and deep, working it hard with his hands and mouth. Jax can’t hide his excitement pounding the bearded stud’s tight hole until they both shoot their huge creamy loads.

Nerd Spank

Nerdy guys Tex and Reese paddle each other, but since Reese couldn’t take all his whacks, Tex gets to cum on him. Even so, Reese still gets his big dick sucked and shoots a huge load. I welcome back Tex and Reese and catch up on their adventures. Tex tells me about the ladies in Texas, and Reese is still with his girlfriend. I get them comfortable since they don’t know what I’ve got in store. After the guys strip, I bring out the paddle. I tell them that only Tex is being paddled today, and Reese is excited about that. He happily whacks Tex’s ass until it’s cherry red. Then I reveal that it’s his turn next. Reese takes a few smacks, but his skinny butt can’t handle it. I make the guys stroke their cocks and tell Tex he has to suck Reese’s cock to make him feel better. Tex does what he can to choke down Reese’s big dick. Reese takes over jacking his cock, and he shoots a huge load all over himself. He even flings some on Tex. I make him play with Tex’s nipples and balls, and when Tex is ready to cum, Reese puts his leg up for Tex to cum on.

Joseph’s Audition

19-year-old science major Joseph hasn’t had a lot of experience with girls, but he sure gets hard easily. For his audition, I make him finger his asshole while he jerks off in front of me. He must have an exhibitionist streak because he pops a boner as soon as he’s out of his clothes. He lubes his hole and even slips a little finger inside while he strokes his uncut cock. Joseph slides in more finger while his other hand focuses on the head of his dick. He plays with his big balls and taint, but in the end goes back to fingering his hole. He shoots three big spurts of cum that go everywhere.